Message from Director, IEDCR

Welcome to Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) online training course on Molecular diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 from clinical specimens. As you understand, to combat the COVID-19 situation, it was a tough job for the Government of Bangladesh to ensure credible and high-quality COVID-19 diagnosis all over the country with minimum resources and skills. The most reliable way to diagnose COVID-19 is real time PCR technology. Government of Bangladesh (GoB) has extended the testing facilities to several district level hospitals of Bangladesh but is lacking high skilled manpower. Until now, a total of 95 laboratories all over the country are testing COVID-19 by using Real-Time RT-PCR and it is very important to establish a generalized and uniform testing platform for the diagnosis of COVID-19. We think that this can be achieved through online training course which is a huge cost saver for organizations and individuals. The objective of this course is to establish a common testing strategy in all COVID-19 laboratories by implementing same protocol across the labs. This online course can be taken anytime, anywhere and is free for all Covid-19 labs in Bangladesh; the only requirement would be an internet connection. I believe that this online training for COVID-19 diagnosis and biosafety will help in generating quality data and outcomes that could strengthen the country wide testing capacity for COVID-19 in Bangladesh.

Finally, I would like to thank icddr,b colleagues for their technical assistance and USAID for funding this activity.

Looking forward to welcome you to the course.  

Prof. (Dr) Tahmina Shirin
MBBS, M.Phil, PhD
Director, IEDCR, Mohakhali
Dhaka, Bangladesh