Course Instructions for the participants

Please read the following instructions for successful completion of the online training course.
  1. The objective of the course
As of 21st December 2020, there are 113 laboratories in Bangladesh testing COVID-19 by real-time PCR. At the very beginning, there were limited trained lab staff to process specimens for conducting such a sophisticated molecular technique by maintaining biosafety issues. It was also essential to establish a generalized and uniform testing platform for the diagnosis of COVID-19. This can be achieved through an online training course, which is a huge cost saver for organizations and individuals. This course aims to establish a common testing strategy of real-time PCR in all COVID-19 laboratories by implementing the same protocol across the labs.
  1. Eligibility of the Participants
Anybody who works in the COVID-19 laboratories and is recommended by his/her lab supervisor/hospital director/lab in-charge can participate in this program.
  1. Registration
You can register by clicking the registration option on the home page. Complete the form and submit it. The moderator will notify you the status of your application within 1-2 days. If your application is accepted, you will be given a confirmation link to log in to the course using your user name and password. Please note that your supervisor must approve your registration form.
  1. Course design
There are six sessions in this module: (1) Biosafety, (2) Specimen receiption and processing, (3) Nucleic acid extraction, (4) Real-time PCR, (5) PCR Data Analysis and (6) Laboratory waste disposal. You have to read all the contents in each section. You will learn about the principles and theories of the procedures. Then watch the video/s in each segment for practical sessions. You must practice the laboratory procedures in your laboratory setting.
  1. Exam and evaluation
There is a set of questions at the end of each session. After reading, watching, and practicing the contents of each session, you must sit for an exam for an evaluation. You have to answer multiple questions in each session and secure a pass mark of the exam. If you fail, you have to review the whole session again and try for another exam. Again if you pass one session, you will be eligible for the next session. You have to pass the exams for each individual sessions.
  1. Certificate
After passing all of sessions, you will be provided a certificate of participation. You can download the certificate from the course menu.
  1. Communicate with the course expert for troubleshooting
If you have any questions regarding the course, you can communicate with the expert through Ask Question button at the upper right of the home page. The experts will answer within a short period.